Issue 3

When time stands still, a process begins.
Akt III is an act of time.

Inside the third issue of Akt we stop to consider how we experience time, and how time affects creativity. We encounter Bart America, an architect who reinvented his life after a year-long sabbatical, and Florian Tomballe, a free-spirited sculptor who works to his own clock in his studio.

We seek to understand the merits of isolation with self-proclaimed ‘curator of stillness’ Cédric Etienne, and contemplate the pleasure of materiality with artist Clarisse Bruynbroeck. We travel to Italy to visit another artist, Stan Van Steendam, at the historic Palazzo Monti, and then pause to study the visual language of hat designer Elvis Pompilio.

From art and fashion, next we enter the worlds of architecture and music. Marc Merckx brings soul to the interiors of a modernist apartment in Antwerp. Musician Colin H. van Eeckhout of Amenra shares the thoughts behind his grey eyes – and contributes a special insert of personal poetry.

We slow down further still to experience photographer Frederik Vercruysse’s series of still life compositions that draws parallels between art and everyday life. While another intimate insight looks into interior architect Frederic Hooft’s working process defined by intuition and originality.

Micha van Dinther conducts a study of ‘melancholy’, a balancing state of mind that helps us to look deeper inside ourselves. We visualise the feeling of melancholy with model Laurence Desbisschop in the grounds of a historic manor house dating to 1810. Then venture into the Belgian countryside to meet architect Vincent Van Duysen and entrepreneur Jan Van Lancker at their hedonist playground, the Valke Vleug winery.

The cover art for Akt III was made exclusively by Florian Tomballe on the theme of Melancholy.

Printed in Belgium on FCS certified uncoated paper
144 pages / 23 x 31cm / 580gr.

All content exclusively made for Akt Magazine.

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€ 20

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